Our Software Solution

Our Software Solution

Streamlining Cardiovascular Disease Management

CVD evaluator is a medical software with artificial intelligence capability patented by The United States Patent Office for its methodology. It interfaces an individual’s profile with medical literature to generate evidence based cardiovascular diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations. It can be used by anyone thanks to its user-friendly structure. Once the input consisting of a relevant individual clinical data is entered, the system outputs specific information such as certain drugs, device therapy, diagnostic tests or diet/exercise regimens. The system factors in cardiovascular disease risk scoring systems, all published guidelines, clinical trials data and other credible literature. The diagnostic and therapeutic information are based on guidelines and clinical trials cited in the reference section of the output which can be instantly linked to. The system is designed such that any newly released literature can be added instantly to keep it up to date.

Why is the Cardiovascular Disease Epidemic So Costly?

  • Proper diagnosis and implementation of guideline-based treatment is a difficult task
  • Inappropiate,wasteful utilization of diagnostic modalities
  • Growing body of complex guidelines difficult to stay abreast of
  • Shortage of subspecialists such as heart failure specialists

CVMedical Software Solution

Enhances clinical assessment, guides to evidence based management from the onset to reduce treatment failures and improve clinical outcomes.

Matches a patient’s heart and vascular disease profile with existing medical literature to present recommendations that are tailored to each individual patient.

Justify diagnostic testing to prevent inappropiate use and/or denials by payers.

Instant documentation of adherence to appropiateness criteria for procedures.

Accurate coding to ensure reimbursements

Why CVMedical Software?

Medical practice quality control by comparision to evidence-based medical decisions with instant links to the references.

Co-processing individual clinical data with guidelines to provide disease centric but individual specific recommendations.

Standardization of high level patient care in an institute via adoption of evidence based management by everyone.


Adoption by:

Health Care Providers at any location or setting

Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics

Teaching Institutes

Public in general

Electronic Medical Records

Third Party Payers

Clinical Assessment Software for Cardiovascular, renal, pulmonary disease and pulmonary hypertension

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